Friday, June 26, 2009

Mrs. Blandings in the Library with a...

friend. Or a book. I tend to steer clear of weapons. But Gaye of Little Augury has asked a few bloggers what is on their summer reading lists and posted mine today. See what books I'll be attacking this summer here.

Many thanks to Gaye for asking me to contribute and for compiling the images when I left her high and dry.


Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

I'm looking forward to just sitting a bit long enough to read anything!! Oh...I loved Cary Grant :D

Southern Aspirations said...

I love your list! I just completed making my list... now need to start reading. :-)

Alicia said...

Good luck with Faulkner. I threw it across the room several times but evetually we made up & I invited him back into my room..long enough to finish.
Im nuts for Brideshead Revisited.
Read it first in English class sophmore year of high scool 1981, Lordy that's a long time ago. I actually remmeber watching the series on Masterpiece each week with my project partner Melissa Rogolla (wow)& balling the final episode, even thought I already had blubbered reading Sebastians fate.
Maybe I'll reread it this summer. I'm revisiting classic so that seems to be perfect.
Thanks for the lightbulb moment.

Clarity said...

"Tender is the Night", a charming favourite. My "blanket" book would be "The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland".

I adore that still from the film, they don't make them like that anymore.... I must be getting old(er).

home before dark said...

I left this tip on Little Augury's site, but think it is worth repeating for anyone reading Faulkner for the first time. Read it out loud. It's like a family diary of secrets, blending thinking/feeling without punctuation and very long sentences. It is worth it. Where else do you get to read about French Lick, Indiana and not have Larry Bird's name mentioned?