Pop Quiz - Tom Ford and Richard Buckley

Michael called this at 10:58 p.m. yesterday, "This is Tom Ford's apartment!"

Indeed. In Paris. Published in House and Garden January, 1998 and featured in HG's Book of Style, the photos are by Todd Eberle.

The images from this morning are from the book; these are additional shots from the magazine.

After looking at 120 apartments before they settled on this one, chosen for its fifteen foot ceilings and view of the Seine, they decided to keep "the pastry."

Clean but sensual, the home has a clear masculine aesthetic with the lucky distinction of having Gucci leather left-overs as upholstery.

Let's do take a moment to admire Mr. Ford, a fine design himself. Every bad decision I ever made had brown eyes like that.

Image of Tom Ford borrowed from the Fashionisto.