Fabulous Faux

Faux painting took a bad turn somewhere in the 80's (90's?) and the baby got pitched with the swirl of marbleized bath water.

But the Miles Redd designed faux ivory and horn bedroom, above, is a striking reminder that in good hands faux can be fabulous.

There are wonderful examples from back in the day of course. The Manhattan apartment of Kansas City native and decorative painter Richard Neas featured a floor of "large squares simulating the striation of cut agate." Neas painted the treillage at the ceiling as well.

Horn and ivory would take a pretty practiced artisan, but the finish on the floor would be an easy project for any do-it-yourselfer. For a closer look click the images.

Redd images from House Beautiful, July 2009; photographs by Thomas Loof. Neas's apartment appeared in the New York Times Book of Interior Design and Decoration, 1976 by Norma Skurka; photography by Norman McGrath.

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