There are a few additions to the dream house. Mr. Blandings's Father's Day present came back from the finisher. I'd completed it in plenty of time but drove around with the canvas, pillow and fabric for weeks before I made it to the shop. Mr. B is the fourth Blandings with the same name, not my fourth in any way.

The dusty tarnished jumble in the office continues to acquire some stuff.

The spider, which will occasionally be jewelry, but mostly decoration.

And the malachite box. Both pieces from the Rock Shop. I'd really like the boys' quartz pieces here, too, but 1, 2 and 3 are quite firm that their treasures remain in their own rooms. A little stingy considering I gave them life and all, but I let it go.

And, Mr. Blandings surprised me with Girl with Purse by Tom Corbin for my birthday. I've wanted her for a long time. My youngest said, "I think she's waiting for the bus." She's wearing a strapless dress, so I don't think she is waiting for the bus. But I agree that she is waiting for something.

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