In House

Speaking of Mitch Owens (I was yesterday), I'm sure you know he has a new book coming out. What? No? Indeed. In House profiles diverse examples of exceptional individual style. Or so I've heard. I am standing at the mailbox daily twisting my beads waiting for my copy.

The photographs are by Derry Moore, the 12th Earl of Drogheda, whose work has appeared in Architectural Digest and Nest.

Owens is an editor-at-large for Elle Decor and has written on design for the New York Times, Architectural Digest and Travel and Leisure. Though I've heard that someone said recently that you don't need a writer to wax poetic about design - all you need is pictures - I disagree. I want someone to tell me what it feels like to be in that space. When I read Owens's articles he makes me feel like I'm sitting right next to him on the sofa. It's lucky I'm not because I can never keep my mouth shut. Which is why I am telling you right now - pre-order. Here or somewhere. I've heard it will knock your socks off.