Jacques Grange Interiors

A few months ago I asked a few blog friends which designers working today would endure.

Aesthete's Lament had Jacques Grange on his very short list. Grange had been on my periphery. I was aware of him, but largely ignorant. (Aware but largely ignorant might be a good subtitle for the blog.)

I have been enjoying my advance copy of the book for awhile now. The publishers and author are being very careful with the distribution of images. The book is a beautiful collection of stunning interiors. You would enjoy it if it only contained the homes of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge. My personal favorite is Villa Mabrouka. The arching doorways of Morocco grounded by chalky black and white tiled floors, white walls and charming chintz will make you yearn for a get away in Tangier even if you usually don't venture further than the Lake of the Ozarks. If I could choose just one image to share it would be the one of the scrolled white desk, rattan chair with robin's egg cushions sporting a white welt with the striking black mullions of the glass door in the background.

Jacque Grange Interiors by Pierre Passebon will be released next week. Available for pre-order here. Yes, I would.

Both images from Jacques Grange Interiors by Pierre Passebon, photography by Marianne Hass (Paris: Flammarion, 2009). For a few more images from the book do check Jennifer Boles's post at the Peak of Chic.