No Hillbilly He

Come and listen to a story about a store named JED
A chic antiquer, barely keeps his passion fed.

Each and every day he is rounding up some loot
You want so much it will make you say, "shoot."

Basalt that is, black gold, for your tea.

Well, the next thing you know ol' JED's breaking into song
You're so giddy you want to sing along.

In Sag Harbor this is where you ought to be
I'm loading up the truck so don't get in front of me.

Hamptons, that is.
Beachy feel, sky full of stars.

Y'all come back now, y'hear?

Jack Deamer owns a dreamy little spot in Sag Harbor. His space can barely contain his finds or his personality. He did, indeed, break into a (very good) chorus of "She Works Hard for the Money," while checking on a price. Jack likes to sell pieces as a collection - like the basalt and jasperware and the silhouettes. This set of English stoneware had me mesmerized; it is sitting on a chair, one of a pair, from the Doris Duke estate.

27 Washington Street

All images by Mrs. Blandings. Feel free to do with them what you will as that is what I am doing with other people's images every day.