Britt Invasion

I had coffee with a local home reporter, Stacy Downs, this week and we were talking about design trends from 2009 (be on the lookout for Stacy's article in the Kansas City Star; she is rocking the House and Home section.) Stacy noted the preponderance of black walls which sent me digging through my files.

I have several features from the late 70's with walls clad in inky black, many including punches of white.

One of my favorites is a Kansas City home designed by Tom Britt that appeared in Architectural Digest in November of 1978. Just as I had finished scanning the images I heard the mail drop in the slot. Thunk. Heavy and hard, I knew a magazine would await. And, then whose work appeared in Vogue December 2009?

Mr. Britt, again. This time using black and white as accents in Alexis Swanson's and Trevor Traina's drawing room. Old dog. New tricks.

Photography from AD, Russell McMasters. Photography from Vogue, Francois Halard.