Out and About - Barbara Cosgrove Lamps

I admire so much this style of interior.

Clean and clear and graphic.

Lots of black and white.

But left to my own devices I end up with lots of color and plenty of pattern and, well, Legos, but that is not all my fault.

This beautifully edited spot is the home of artist and lamp designer Barbara Cosgrove.

It was a treat to see her home in Spaces last year and it was a treat to meet her and have a tour of her showroom last week.

You can see a few of Barbara's lamps here, but check her site to see the complete selection.

It was so interesting to see her work space. Eco-friendly shades, below, are one new offering.

But it was the shelves filled with wonderful finds that Barbara uses for inspiration that piqued my interest.

We will have to stay-tuned to see if these end up on the production line soon.