Pop Quiz - 10

"What? First day back and she gives us a pop quiz?"

Well, yes. I realize just because I've been off doesn't mean you haven't been using your design noodle somewhere else, but I thought we'd get some of the business out of the way.

I sprung the first Pop Quiz way back in December 2007 (you can see all past quizzes and results here.) Here's the set up - I pull a vintage layout by a designer working today and readers try to guess the designer.

I've long established that only thing you take away here is some pretty pictures, a smattering of misspellings and hopefully a feeling that I was very happy you stopped by. Quizzes are the same. If you are the first to name the designer I will credit you when I post the answer later today.

Winning brings the satisfaction of a job well done. Which is less exciting than, say, a lamp, but it's all I got.

Quoting Edna Mode, "I don't look back, darling, it detracts from the now." Sometimes true, but I chose this particular layout as no element seemed to date it. Do tell me if you agree. And, is that door silver leafed in the image top? Oh, how I do like to leaf.