Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Spa Day

Yesterday was a day to catch up. While it wasn't entirely a day I spent on myself, I'd made a deal to wedge in something that I would love. Spa? Shopping? Well, sort of.

I went and looked at fabric. No project, really, just kicking tires. I can look at fabric for hours. All day. I understand when people tell me they can only stand showrooms in small doses, that too much makes their vision begin to blur. Not me. There's always something that jumps off the wing wall or that little plastic hanger. Yesterday it was Clarence House's Harlequin Quilt. It's thick. And heavy. And really quilted.

Seems there's always room for one more pillow, right? The boys would like it as it references both Chiefs and Jayhawks. Even at the spa I can't quite get them out of my head.


barbara said...

Loke the fabric. Love your new picture.

Karena said...

Oh absolutely! I just had three pillows made/ two in cream/brown toile and a paisley in taupe's, cream deep red.. They are beautiful!

mary said...

I almost fell on the floor laughing....my boys would never have noticed a pillow!! (except if it made "reclining" on the sofa and watching TV a little more comfortable or easier todefend their chosen space with.) Great Pillow!

Renae said...

Mrs. B,
I am with you...I can spend HOURS in the fabric showrooms...I love it. LIke a kid in the toy store.
Merry Christmas.

kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

that's how i am with house hunting!

p.s. i spent 2 years in kansas city near the plaza and loved it. great town. i have many friends who still live there.