Idiot Proof

Gosh, I didn't really think my binders would be all that interesting.  Several people asked about the process, so here goes.  I used these binders from ReBinder.  They are recycled cardboard.  I like the idea of them, but they don't seem all that heavy.  I'm a little worried about how they will hold up, but they were super cheap.  And I was too lazy to look further or send them back.

All the paper I used was from Paper Source as I could pick it up in town.  (See, again, lazy.)  I cut the paper exactly the length of the binder; I did not wrap the paper around the top and bottom.  I covered the spine and about two inches of the front and back cover.  I was concerned (as was a commenter) about how the opening and closing of the binder would affect the paper, but it does not seem to be an issue.  The paper does not gap or pull away.

I attached the paper with Spray Mount.  Easy as pie.  I did fold the paper around the spine of the binder before I sprayed the adhesive so I could set the binder down on the paper exactly where it needed to go then smoothed the paper up the sides.

The acrylic magazine holders are available at CB2.

I am looking for labels for the binders so that I can signify, well, something.  I'm not quite sure how the tear sheets will be filed.  By subject, as they currently are?  By designer?  By magazine?  Oh, gentle reader, these are the things that keep me awake at night.