Snow Day 1 of 3

The boys went back to school on Tuesday then were home yesterday for inclement weather. The snow did not start in earnest until afternoon, but the temperatures were (and are) in the single digits. Frankly, I'd rather be inside anyway. And likely will be for the next two days. Say hello to school in June.

We did go to the Nelson-Atkins in the morning and sort of kicked around. The youngest Blandings had made a poor choice for breakfast and was "starving" but has somewhere gotten the idea that one has to whisper in the museum, so with the large rooms and high ceilings it was hard to hear the complaining.

When we arrived home, peeling off coats and hats and gloves, my eldest asked me why I don't like to play Wii with them and I said, "You know, I don't really like to mess around with electronics." He responded with a bug-eyed double take.

It's true that toward the end of Christmas break I was clicking around on the computer every now and again. I forget about things for a while then they occur to me and I will go on an interested but half-hearted quest.

One day started with a quick look for sconces to flank the portrait of Mr. Blandings, Jr., then morphed into a peek into painted French dining chairs and landed squarely with a perusal of Gio Ponti.

I blame Thomas O'Brien for my Ponti pining as the pottery in his apartment was my first glimpse of such treasures. Though I hear he is a nice guy, and not at all a cad, I don't think he feels a bit of responsibility for introducing me to this wickedly enchanting substance. As if I needed another inky black something to covet.

There is a wonderful, wonderful vase (top) on 1st dibs, the perfect piece to begin any collection. Delightful, indeed, is Ponti's porcelain for Robert Ginori as well, but these tiles! Oh, how they sing.

All images courtesy of 1st dibs; Gio Ponti pieces seen here can be seen here.

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