Spare Change

I hate change.  I'm bad at it and even though things do "work out for the best" I drag my feet through the process.  It's not that I want things to always be the same.  I just don't transition very well.

Safe and sound?

We are fine.  Just retrieved baggage.

Over the winter break my oldest son went to Washington D.C. to spend a week with his (beloved) aunt and uncle.  It's the first time that he has been away and the longest we have been apart since he was born thirteen years ago.  I was a big supporter of the trip in concept, but filled with anxiety in reality.  Mr. Blandings's sister and her husband were here for the holidays, so our son flew back with them when they headed home.  We had bought him a phone for Christmas so he was able to text us with updates.

Caps lost :-((

Still a fun night.  Your brother let [the youngest sleep] in your bed.  Think he was lonely?


Love you.


It was a magical trip.  Beyond anything any parents would do for their own child.  In addition to the half dozen sporting events they took the train to New York for a couple of days.

On train to NY

You are going to love it.  Wish I were with you.

I do too

Next time.

K.  How r the boys and rosie?

The funny thing was, I felt like we got more information, and emotion (and emoticons) via texting than we would have gotten on the phone.

Checking in @ hotel.  Hope the boys have fun  

Have a blast.  What are you doing first?  Antique shops?  That's what I do - want a few suggestions?

Finding food would be a priority.  Then staying warm

I know a great lamp guy if you want the address.  Need any Indian textiles?

We r definitely in the market 4 indian rugs

They did not follow up for any of my recommendations and instead went to the Natural History Museum, Time Square and Dylan's Candy Bar.  Where they were for what seemed like hours.  He did check in relatively often to make sure his brothers were not having fun without him.

What r u doing

Believe me - you are having more fun.  It's FREEZING here.

Doubt its colder.  I bought an indian rug 

Can't wait to see it.  I'll blog all about it.


JK = just kidding

Yeah, thanks for that.

And so it went for a week.  I was fine for five days.  The last two days were a little tough.  I'd had enough of texting and needed to hear his voice.  He complied, but he was busy.  And brief.

He flew home by himself.  It was a direct flight and his uncle was able to walk him to the gate.  They texted up until the point that the plane took off.

He did great.

Of course he did, as he usually does.  He was never worried. And the plane did not crash, nor sit on the runway for eighteen hours.  A terrorist did not try to blow himself up across the aisle.  A woman did not go into labor causing the plane to be diverted to Minneapolis.  He was not seated next to a pedophile or a drug dealer.  Nothing bad happened.

Except everything changed.  It was coming,  I know, and this trip only provided the bookmark between what was before and what is after.  He wants his own room.  He wants a Queen sized bed.  He most assuredly wants to live with his aunt and uncle.

So this last weekend we moved the "baby" out of the nursery and moved the teenager into his own room.  For two weeks we have negotiated on wall colors and bed sizes and where all the junk will go.  In the process of moving, I packed up all the linens and tchotchkes and baby clothes that had been enshrined in the bottom drawer of a dresser.

By Monday everyone was settled and fine.  But I am not fine.  I am so sad and it is manifesting itself in grouchiness.  I am so sad that I have to paint over those buttons.  And I am so sad that all of our babyhoods can be packed into two plastic containers, their contents irrelevant to anyone but me.  Me, who is so fragile and unwilling to let it go that I am holding on to booties and Halloween costumes and teddy bears that will stay in my basement for the next twenty years until someone throws them away with an eye roll.

It is all changing and I cannot believe that this is gone forever.