Team Eddie

Some folks read one blog.  You know, someone reads a blog maybe because her friend writes it.  Some people read a few blogs.  They have a specific interest, they've clicked around a little.  Some people read a lot of blogs.  Like me.  I checked my blog reader and I read seventy blogs.  That's insane.  Really.  But, all these bloggers don't post every day and, well, I like them.

But some bloggers are friends.  Real friends.  Eddie Ross and his partner Jaithan Kochar are my real friends.  I've entertained, shopped, dined, cooked (well, Eddie and Mr. B cooked; Jaithan and I stood by) and laughed with these guys.

In case you missed my pitch last week, Eddie and Jaithan are involved in a contest sponsored by Bloomingdale's and Apartment Therapy.  They've cooked up a little window dressing on behalf of Elle Decor and I wish you'd take the time to give them your vote.  Click here to vote on line AND text 89800 and put a "1" in the body to vote by text.  (I know, you can do both.  Go figure.)  And, if you would, do it every day until the 28th.  I know, I know, it's a lot of days, but it is a more is more kind of town.

Once you've done that, hop on over to Eddie's blog to see the process of framing that eye-catching piece of art work over the sofa.

All images courtesy of Eddie Ross.