Don't Trend On Me

Normally, I would have stitched on the plane.  Stitching on planes is especially handy if you actually want to talk to the person sitting next to you.  Handier still if the person sitting next to you is the sort who continues to talk even if you are reading.

I turned my last project in to the Studio before the holidays and have yet to provide them with fabric for backing the pillow.  Without this closure I have been unable to move on to the next canvas, though three hang in my closet.  I am floundering on both fronts.

In the meantime, I saw a post on another blog about a book, Needlepoint Design by Louis J. Gartner, Jr.,  a former House & Garden editor.  So taken with the images I found there, I bought the book.

And its companion More Needlepoint Design.  (Hey, he had a good thing going with Needlepoint Design; why screw it up?)

Several readers have asked about needlepointing, creating your own canvases, finishing, etc.  It's all in here.  Mr. Gartner was kind enough to include instructions on basic stitching and materials as well as black and white designs that he encourages his readers to modify both in form and size.

There are many engaging designs, not the least of which is the rattan chair seat that appears to need a bit of faux repair.  This is the kind of thing that delights me, this project featuring imperfection so carefully wrought.

You can find Needlepoint Design and More Needlepoint Design via a quick web search.  I acquired both volumes for under two dollars total.

All images are from the aforementioned books; I could not find a photography credit.  The scans are mine, though several of the same appear on Balustrade & Bitters.