Glutton for Punishment

I'm in choppy waters here.  The few times I have thrown this room open for suggestions it's brought an incredible amount of opinions, information and criticism.  With a little help from a friend I decided to move the painting to the living room, move the living room prints here, paint the picture frame moldings black and recover the chairs.  I picked up an incredibly inexpensive ticking at Nell Hill's which may or may not remain depending on the sure-to-never-be-ordered curtains.  (You can see the "before" here.)

I love the paper, still, but this room is a whole lotta brown.  Never a fan of brown table and brown chairs, I'm lucky to have this hand-me-down set.  

I do like the table, but it's oval top is constraining.  The room is nearly square and round would be a million times better.  The front legs of the chairs are appealing.  You can't see them, of course, because they are pushed under the table.

This really bothers me.  A lot.  It is not carved into the wood, but applied, and I think I could easily remove it.

Which would make the front look more like this.  Which would be better.  Assuming I don't jack up the chairs.  My latest idea is to paint them black.  The only thing that stopped me Sunday was two other paint projects that I had started and not completed.  And, please, don't advise the purchase of either table or chairs as my budget will not allow the purchase of as much as a picture of either a table or chairs.

Also, if you are going to say something unkind, at least preface it with "Bless your heart."  All good Southern women do it and, oddly, it takes the sting out.  For example, "Bless her heart, I don't know why she wears sleeveless tops when her arms are so heavy.  Sweet thing, maybe it helps keep her cool in this heat because she's so big."  Something like that.