I'm Turning Japanese, I Really Think So

Also on my recent travels, I ran across these.  Delicate and delightful.  Lighter than air.

The finest porcelain?  Nope. Paper.  Of Japanese design, these are the most engaging paper plates (and cups and bowls) I've ever seen.

The shop owner told me she has used them and they are incredibly sturdy.  They will hold hot soup without absorbing the liquid.

Do you love them?  I love them.  Any guesses what sophisticated retailer is the first (and, as far as we know, only at this time) to carry these dishes in the States?  Are you thinking Moss?  Or Takashimaya?  Darling, no.  Asiatica.  In Kansas City.

Completely environmentally friendly, biodegradable, all that jazz.  Relatively inexpensive, and cool packaging, too.

They also have some of those captivating glass floats that Meg and Holly have been talking about.

For Mama Bear and Papa Bear and Baby Bear.

4824 Rainbow
Westwood, Kansas


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