Slippery Slope

I've been noodling around with the idea of what to do with my dining room chairs.  Courtney Barnes, at Style Court, is always a good sounding board and patient with my paragraph upon paragraph of indecision.  The thought of painting eight chairs is daunting as I don't even like them.  Then another friend presented the idea of slip covers.

I hemmed and hawed with Courtney.  Would they be too kitchy?  Too 80's?  And she emailed back, "Well, the dining room chairs in Will's apartment on Will & Grace were not country.  They were tailored and chic."  Or something like that.  Then she did that great slip cover on her own chair.

Which is why I like Courtney.  Because she has a great eye and she remembers the slip covers on dining room chairs in a sit com that hasn't been on the air for four years.  So I'm reconsidering slip covers.  But not really doing anything.  For the record.

In other Dream House decorating news, a friend recently asked how much input the eldest Blandings boy is getting on his new room.  You tell me.  And, no, I didn't paint it.  It's a Fathead; based on my ability to bring my dining room to closure, some would say we both are.

Image from Will & Grace from here.  Slip cover images from New Farmhouse Style; photography by Kindra Clineff.  Drawer-painting is on the list this weekend.

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