Friday, March 19, 2010

Come One, Come All

A quick reminder that I will be in LA for West Week next week.  All events are at the PDC and are free and open to the public.  I'd love to see you there if you can make it.  The Elle Decor panel, of which I am a part, is at 11 a.m. on Wednesday the 24th and there are lots of terrific presentations both Wednesday and Thursday.  Check out the schedule here.


Vanessa said...

Wish I lived closer - sounds fabulous. Have fun!

Karena said...

Congrats Patricia you will great on the panel! Also so lucky to be out of this snowy weather!

Art by Karena

Lee said...

So many fabulous things in one place! I'd be pinching myself to be sure it wasn't a dream.

Will the audio of any of these presentations be available later? I'd love to at least hear some of them.

Alexis Ceule said...

Have a great time at WestWeek Patricia! I wish you were tweeting about it while hosting on the board. LOL! Maybe the next one. lol... Enjoy daaahling. You'll be maaahvelous!

Alexandra Rae said...

If all goes as planned, I'll see you there for West Week. And thanks for the fab (previous) post of tables. Gorgeous and inspiring.

linda said...

Have a grand time, Patricia! I only know you through your blog, but I am SO very proud of you!

david john said...

ill be there for the 11 am panel.

hope to meet you face to face.

all the best,
david john

check my blog out if you have time..

Lenkin Design said...


Thank you so much for coming out to speak on the Elle Decor panel. As one of the few PR people participating, it was very helpful to have your input on digital media in relation to the world of design. It was also a pleasure to meet you at the Ralph Pucci cocktail reception. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Los Angeles! If you have a chance, please do check out our blog, I'm looking forward to perusing yours a bit more.

Best regards,

William Cundiff
Lenkin Design