Dining by Design 2010

Many of you design aficionados know that Dining by Design originated in Kansas City.

Yep.  Twenty years ago.

Can it have been twenty years already?

It has.

Which makes this year a pretty big deal.  Lots of hoopla planned.  Of course, Kansas City's most talented designers will be cooking up glorious tables for the event.

You have lots of opportunities to support Dining by Design and DIFFA.  You can Table Hop on April 30th, Preview on May 1 or, even better, attend the Gala the evening of the 1st.  Mr. Blandings and I will be there.

Hall's is also hosting Tables by Design, featuring celebrity tablescapes by noted local designers and a dear friend from out of town.  The tables will be up from March 18th to April 14th to delight and inspire, but a portion of the proceeds from shopping on opening night will benefit DIFFA-KC.

Click here for all reservations.