Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guess Who's Coming to DIFFA?

Hall's has gathered some really knock out designers to create tables for their Tables by Design event benefitting DIFFA Kansas City.

Here is a sneak peek of Black Bamboo owner, Tim Butt's, table.  Wow oh wow oh wow.

A percentage of the proceeds from purchases made this evening will benefit DIFFA, but the tables will be up through April 14th.  Stop in and let Eddie Ross, David Jimenez, Marc Blackwell and more inspire your Spring tables.  Hosting Easter brunch?  Seder dinner?  A graduation feast or wedding shower?  Get your creative juices flowing right here.


Karena said...

Patricia, it will be wonderful, see you there and at Eddie's workshop. It will great to see Eddie and Jaithan.

Art by Karena

victoria thorne said...

Brilliant chairs, table, set. Perfectly brilliant.

Lila said...

The metal around the pedestal table stand is amazing! I love it!
Lila Ferraro
Queen Bedroom Sets

pve design said...

I just need a pair of red shoes, and a gust of wind to blow me right there, in the midst of all that inspiration!
Wow! You will report back now, won't you?

The Countess of Nassau County said...

That table is amazing. Thanks for sharing

A Perfect Gray said...

great title...

mary said...

Great cause, table settings, guests--but Oh Boy--those pagoda napkin rings are enough for me to sell everything I own to get just one. Is it possible to find out where they came from? Thanks and have fun. Mary

Mrs. Blandings said...

Patricia - more pics to come!

A Perfect Gray - it is, but it is not mine - it was on the invite.

Mary - I am pretty sure the napkin rings are available at Hall's.