Sunday, April 11, 2010

Boy Wonder

Hop on over to see Nick Olsen's graphic one-two punch of an apartment at Lonny. I'm not just gushing because he gave Mrs. Blandings a shout out; we are in the midst of a long internet decoromance.


Karena said...

Ooh, don't worry I won't tell Mr. B......Love Nick Olsen's work, Love the apartment!!

I have an interview up on my site with Robert Anders that is fascinating!

Art by Karena

Style Court said...

I've been enjoying it this morning too. The red walls. So much to love.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful and vibrant! Love the Damien Hirst print over the bed --

pve design said...

Does Mr.Blandings know about the trist?
I must admit, I have a thing for Nick too and of course his style which is just so wonderful.
You need to be in Lonny now.

Anonymous said...

Nick is the most talented decorator under 40, and he's better than a ton of them over 40 too.

sketch42 said...

I love Nick and his kick ass apartment! He told me to paint all my doors emerald green... maybe I should listen?

Anonymous said...

I have loved Nick since seeing his apartment in Domino. I have a serious design crush on him as well!