I Think it's a Rug

Oh, for heaven's sake, she must be kidding. Surely we do not have to go through this dining room thing again.

You don't. Not really. But one of the interesting comments on the last go round was about the rug. Now, I had originally said that I have no budget. And now, I still have no budget. But the idea of the rug sort of took hold, so I asked Ben Soleimani of Mansour if he had any thoughts.

Mr. Blandings and I have a long-held belief that everyone named Ben is a good guy. Every Ben we have met, anyway. We initially had this conversation in a movie theater when we were first married and it has come up several times since.

We are never surprised when we meet yet another very nice Ben as the name seems to be filled with karmic goodness for us.

So no surprise that this new Ben, Mr. Soleimani, was completely willing to pick a few rugs that might jazz up my space.

He said, in a very nice way, that the room seemed a little dark, a little heavy and that some color and pattern might just wake things up.

This last Sultanabad is my favorite, though I can see how each one would affect the personality of the room.

But, Mansour Modern also offers some terrific choices. The rug from the Chinois collection, above, is particularly dreamy.

And this piece, the Kelly, designed by Victoria Hagan would add a dramatic punch. The exercise made me go back and think again how each element would affect the feel of the room. Perhaps someday my bank account will catch up to all this wonderful inspiration. In the meantime, a girl can dream, right?

For the record, I received no compensation for this post.