Coming home from LA I noticed a blub in the pile of magazines I purchased to ease the seeming eternity of a three hour flight. Cartier has a new, lower priced line named Les Must. The ring, pictured above, appeared in the piece and I thought it was sweet. A lovely "forget-me-not" or better, forget-me-not-knot. Like a red thread tied around a finger. A reminder of the lover who is coming back after a semester abroad or a brief stint for the company overseas. A promise ring with the dignity to forgo the chip.

So I looked on-line to offer it up here as just that. I was disappointed to find the rest of the collection lacking any charm. To me it seems the dumbing down of yet another luxury brand. Much of it is jewelry fit for little girls, though I loathe seeing the likes of Tiffany and Coach on the playground.

And I'm curious if this works as a strategy. I'm used to seeing the Tiffany heart dangling from the necks and wrists of my children's classmates, but does it make me pine less for the Sugar Stack rings? The quatrefoil is as ubiquitous as clover itself and Van Cleef & Arpels's site features nearly nothing but.

The exception for Les Must, which I would say is largely Les Not So Much, would be the watch above. A pretty jazzy piece for two grand.

But knowing it is available, will you still pester for the Tank Louis Cartier at four times its price? I wonder.