My Kind of Town

Right. Painting, packing, primping to get ready for DbD on Friday (really Thursday as Thursday is set up.) Oh! And. And I'm going to Chicago Friday morning. Chicago really came first. That is, the plan to go to Chicago came first, then I decided to do the table and turn my entire family's week upside down. My friend who looks like a young Carolina Herrera said, "Yeah. Sometimes you have to do stuff like that."

I've never had a bad time in Chicago and with my saying that you should know that I once was involved in an U Haul accident that took out a cash machine there on New Year's Eve. This trip had a similar evolution. I had told Thomas O'Brien that I would come up and hear him speak when he was in Chicago, then my on-line friend Magnaverde emailed to say, "O'Brien is coming on the 30th," and all of a sudden the entire design universe seemed to align.

Really, seeing O'Brien, meeting Magna, I couldn't quite imagine anything better and then Rick Ege emailed to say that he would be exhibiting at the International Antique Fair (also in the Merchandise Mart) and I almost fell out of my chair. Ege's shop is in St. Louis and I keep up on it on Rick's blog. He's friends with Christopher Filley just so you know we are all peas in a pod.

But wait, it gets better. As fortune would have it, I will also have the opportunity to meet Marija, who writes the blog Holding Court. If you haven't checked it out, you should; Marija's got a good thing going over there.

I'd say come out to hear O'Brien, but I fear his talk and book signing are full. Still, the Antique Fair should be great. I can't wait. I just hope there aren't police. With the cash machine thing there were police.

Images from top, Rick Ege's wares at the Chicago Botanic Garden Antiques Fair last week. Don't fall in love with those Saarinen chairs as they sold, but the terrific botanicals in the silver leaf frames could be yours. Marija's stylish tablescape via Holding Court and Thomas O'Brien.

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