The Other Lunch Table

I know all the cool kids are a bunch of Town & Country haters, like Stephen Drucker got ding-dong-ditched or something, but I have to say I think this home issue is a pretty good one. Maybe not life altering, but some good stuff. Let's see, we have a little Michael Smith,

and an incredibly lovely house by Gil Schafer (I really, really like Gil Schafer);

Katie Ridder, working for her family - that should bring kudos on its own -

and, while not very many pictures of the house, this confection of a desk. Pink shagreen for heaven's sake, which I can't get over and I don't even like pink.

I'll admit, I subscribe for the jewelry, but all these projects will eventually find a home in my files.

Man, oh man, I haven't scanned this many images from a current magazine in so long it makes me feel naughty. And a little slackerish. Images from top, Katherine Chez's house by Michael Smith, photos by William Abranowicz; Sarah and Ozrey Horton's house by Gil Schafer, photos by Christopher Baker; Connie and Tony Ridder's house by their daughter, Katie, photos by Luca Trovato, Nadja Swarovski's folks' house, which includes that lifestyles of the rich and famous Barbie desk that I am now asking Santa for, photos by John Huba.