I've seen this Jonathan Adler pillow twice recently. Once here, in Bazaar, on Giorgio Guidotti's stylish sofa and once in the guest bedroom of a friend.

Here we go, more black and white, I know, but this might be in order for the Blandings' kitchen sofa.

Clicking over I got sucked into the "custom" feature of Adler's pillows, rugs and totes. (Hmmm.... could this wwwandering have something to do with not getting traction?) While not a totally cheap date, you can customize the front and back so you can double your creative pleasure.
Nothing to stop you but your imagination and, perhaps, a lurking boss. I don't have one, a boss I mean, so I could click and create at will.

You could cook up a little something for yourself or your child or a friend. Pretty darn cute baby or hostess gift.

Jonathan Adler thinks Mrs. Blandings is j'adorable and gave me tons of free swag to write this. Oh wait, no. No, he didn't actually, though he was very nice and said, "hi" at the gift show last year. I do all this craziness for free. Just in case you were wondering.