Shady Situation

A little bit of randomalia (a term borrowed from Maxminimus.) I have made the rounds of several drug emporiums and blond colored pony tail holders seem to be scarce. Are they being rationed? Kansas City has its fair share of fair haired, both natural and bottle babies, but I've never run across a shortage like this.

In addition, Mr. Goody, there is little value in this that I can see. Unless you are the Bradley sisters (surely you remember Betty Jo, Bobbie Jo and Billie Jo) I can think of no household that needs blond, brown and black elastics. White seems like a questionable decision in any situation.

As an aside, the premise for Petticoat Junction was based on stories from creator Paul Henning's wife who visited a hotel owned by her family in Eldon, Missouri; even I did not know this until checking the spelling on the girls' names.