Tin Man

Another captivating little detail of Stefanidis's house that I noticed in An Island Sanctuary is the metal shades.

Sometimes painted a snappy color.

Sometimes not.
Always so crisp. And durable, or so Mr. Stefanidis says.

Besides the metal shades, for which I could not find a good source so forward one if you have it, I'm mad for this drink tray.

So much better than carrying a bottle in each hand, the cocktail napkins under your arm and opening the door with your elbow. Chic. Make mine blue. (A change from black or white; maybe things are looking up.)

For really wonderful coverage of An Island Sanctuary; A House in Greece, make sure you don't miss Courtney Barnes's posts on the book here.

Top five images from An Island Sanctuary; A House in Greece by John Stefanidis, Rizzoli. Photography by Fritz von der Schulenberg. Last image from Stefanidis's site. I'm trying to find out where one can purchase the drinks tray.

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