Del Toro Shoes

I am please to report that the partners of Del Toro Shoes are shipping me what I am sure will be a perfect pair of custom monogrammed velvet slippers. The quality of the shoe was never in question, just a few administrative glitches, so I am giddy to be awaiting a new pair. Mr. Chevallard did let me know that they have found a new manufacturer who provides more consistent sizing; still, fit models are available to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Through the month of July Del Toro will offer Mrs. Blandings readers at 10% discount on their order (just enter "gz" at check-out.) Women's shoes are available in black, green and blue velvet; men's choice are the same with the addition of colorful linen. Embroidery choices abound. You could choose this graphic bull if you are gearing up for the American Royal and would like an alternative to boots.

A crisp and clean nautical flag appeals though I rarely put my foot aboard a boat.

Ocean, sporting, collegiate, they have it. Custom is available. Their prices are quite good; $165 for a classic slipper, $185 for a standard embroidery, $195 for custom monogram and $265 for a custom image. It's a young company, they've had some growing pains, but I think they are on the right track. Let me know if you order and if you're happy when you receive your shoes. I'll do the same.