Enduring Styles, Post Script: Isabel Lopez-Quesada

I was going back through some of the posts from the Enduring Style series that I did last year. As I was reading the Aesthete's picks again, I remembered that images from one of his choices, Isabel Lopez-Quesada, had been tricky to find; her site was under construction.

So I clicked the link to check it again. Here. Here is the link, though I warn you: if you click this link you are going to spend a lot of time on this site. A lot. You will want to. You will not want to miss a single image.

And if you miss Aesthete's Lament perhaps you will feel that we toasted him here this morning for bringing us something good once again.

Also, maybe jot down the site address if you are interested. I requested permission to use these images and did not hear back. Just in case it makes someone a little grouchy and he or she asks me to pull them, bookmark now.

All images via isabellopezquesada.com.