Garden Party

As Mr. Blandings and I stand, arms crossed, discussing the virtues of hornbeams, I've turned to a familiar source for inspiration.

I've gathered a few magazines and a couple of books to help with the happy convergence of an increased interest in gardening and the time to indulge it.

Excellent. Another file full of tearsheets and sticky notes.

But there is another great way to find your muse. DIFFA's Garden by Design is this weekend. The Kick-Off party is Friday night at the Kansas City Museum (DIFFA does know how to throw a party), the tour is Saturday and, as a bonus, local designer, John Rufenacht's garden at "Evening Place," his home in Clinton, Missouri, will be open on Sunday.

By the way, John, this is not how I look when I am gardening.

Details for the party, tour and tickets here.

All images from Kansas City Home Design, June 2010; photography by Jill Hunter.