Monet & Moore

In first grade last year (ok, it was only two weeks ago) the youngest Blandings enjoyed the Merry Month of Monet.

May is a merry month, but I wondered how much he would absorb as we were all beginning to turn our faces from school toward pool. But he was quite engaged and wanted to know if we could see a "real" Monet. (Enough of this picture book nonsense.) As well as being merry, May is busy, so we did not make it to the Nelson to see their Monets until last week. Let me tell you, when you are little, that massive Water Lilies is really something else. As was watching him move in to look close and then back up to see clearly. I do think sometimes we make the guards nervous.

After we left the Impressionists behind we headed out to the grounds to see the sculpture park. On the lawn, there is an allee with these wonderful trees (yes, help please) that have the sweetest scent.

Both buildings are stunning, inside and out, and it was such a treat to be able to run at the museum.

P.S. Special thanks to the reader who called to my attention to the Calder sculpture on the East side; it was a hit. The title of the post refers to the many Henry Moore sculptures on the lawn.