Serene Scene

Two of the women who volunteered their homes for this private house tour were empty nesters.

Along with really beautiful antiques, their houses were so clean. And quiet. And clean. I mean, my house is clean, but not like this. For example, I did not notice anywhere that a small hand had scratched a smiley face into a leather chair. That may be a Blandings' original.

I loved the serenity of this house; even that cool, blue room, top, remains calm clad as it is in bittersweet.

The home owner showed us the care she had taken with the lighting of the art; that glowing gal in the living room goes straight into mourning with the flip of a switch.

Part of the point of tour director, Suzanne Cooper's, tour was that empty nests need not be staid and boring. Part of the appeal of the smaller space is being able to pare down to the pieces that are the very best.

And jazz things right up with fresh fabrics.