Stage Mom

You know those parents? Those parents on the sidelines whose faces are red, ranting at the coach, yelling at the players, barking instructions at their kids? The ones you think, "Buddy, let it go; you were never going to be a superstar and neither is he. Give him a break."?

Let me assure you that that behavior has nothing to do with me. It does not relate at all to my emotions when I discovered this sketch and floor plan that my eldest made of a tree house. It did not occur to me at all that his drawing was precise, or that the floor plan actually related to the exterior. I hardly noticed his ingenious use of the spiral staircase, which would be particularly handy in a tree house application.

Or the tiger skin rug. I wasn't giddy for even a moment about that.

I did notice that there is no lighting plan.

But I didn't point it out. Because I'm not that kind of parent.

Master Blandings agreed to allow his drawings to be published under the condition that I mention that he is still working on the plan for the second and third floors.