Wall Flower

Does this have a name? This putting of porcelain on brackets? Some wonderful French bon mot that describes it wrying and succinctly?

My grandmother had a collection of dime store birds that were scattered about her living room, tchotchkes come to roost as if she had scattered glass bird seed on the tabletops. Why not give them higher perches and feather your nest with a flock of cocktails instead?

Only, if I were going to, you know, collect friends fowl or feted, I'd collect David Cleverly's pottery instead.

Beasts abound and one could easily amass a barnyard's worth (including and especially pups, which are on my mind as a local shelter has a new litter of Boxers.)

But I think I'd rather turn my wall of brackets into a trophy case of Cleverly's clever take on historical figures.

Can't you see them, formally displayed, giggling from behind their glaze?

They usually appear with those furred or feathered which doubles the appeal.
You can find more about David Cleverly Ceramics here, including process and pages of his work.

Images from top, residence of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Paravicini, from the Millar and Harris Archive, English Heritage, National Monuments Record, from The Great Lady Decorators by Adam Lewis, published by Rizzoli; Hunting Room at Clandon Park, Surry, image from the National Trust, via Toby Worthington's guest post on Emily Evans Eerdmans's blog; the remaining from David Cleverly's site.