Pop Quiz 11

There are, I imagine, a few folks, hopefully ambulatory, who have been around since the Blandings blog beginning. Way back in August 2007.

If you have, or you've stumbled in somewhere in the middle, you know all about the pop quizzes.

But, for the new kids, every now and again I post a vintage layout by a designer working today. Then you can test the depth of your knowledge as design crazy and see if you can name him or her.

Usually hims, frankly. And, now that I've typed it out loud I realize that with designers I am usually hetrostylistic. Though certainly not homostylephobic. Huh. Another topic for another day.

So, make your best guess and I'll be back sometime this afternoon, hands slightly tacky from sunscreen, for the reveal of both designer and good guesser/sage design crazy.

And, as an aside, isn't all this honey colored wood sort of yummy and refreshing?

To get the idea you can see past pop quizzes here.