Sunny Outlook

If you have driven through western Kansas in the late summer you are familiar with the vibrant fields (and fields and fields) of sunflowers. Like me, they turn to hold their faces to the sun, though for the flower the results are prettier. Most things en masse give pause, and these tall and alert yellow blooms delight and overwhelm the senses at the same time. They are so yellow. There are so many.

These mirrors from Van Gregory & Norton gave me the same sort of happy thrill. Constructed of bamboo, wood and papier mache they are layered and layered and layered with gesso. (I've always been intrigued by gesso. I hate to get my hands messy, but that stuff seems like some good goop.) But wait, there's more. Finishes galore. And all of this goes on at a studio in Brooklyn. Makes me want to send these guys a bouquet of sunflowers.