Off the Rack and Bracelets I Did Afford

Hey! Look at this! For the next five minutes, and completely by coincidence, I am in style! Of the moment! Only I'm not just "wearing it now," I've been wearing it for years. "It" being this gold link bracelet, that was originally a necklace, which I wrap twice around my left wrist where it clicks and clinks against itself and my wide watch. Just as Vogue says I'm supposed to. I have a friend who has asked for it nicely while looking up over dark lashes. I'd give her a kidney, but not the bracelet.

Being au courant will be fun while it lasts and frustrating when it turns up "over" by spring.

Maybe then I can get a deal on that Diane von Furstenberg bracelet for H. Stern. Because more is surely more.

Vogue feature, October 2010, by Filipa Fino.