Spin the Wheel

This week has been a bit of a meander with no discussion of interior design, so let's finish it up that way and perhaps I'll reboot for next week. Not to go too long without pulling something from a magazine, I bring you Belief-O-Matic via O, the Oprah Magazine. A quick-ish (though be prepared for a million pop-ups) quiz to help you figure out where you fall in the spiritual spectrum. Before you click off in a huff, I am not making fun. Mary Karr's latest book, Lit, landed in my lap at a time when putting some framework around my belief system has seemed significant. Hitherto, I've cobbled together what I believe like I gather book advice, sort of scribbled notes that I find months later at the bottom of a bag. Something that I thought about that I meant to get back to.

In Lit, Karr describes her journey through alcoholic recover to Catholicism without making me blanch. Me, who flips closed the lifestyle section of the Saturday paper a page early to avoid the Beliefs section. After twenty questions, here are the Belief-O-Matic's picks for me:

This is interesting and amusing only because my friend, the chicken sex expert, has been trying to set me up with the Unitarian church for a couple of years.

The bottom five contained no surprises, though I did say, "I told you so," to my deceased mother at the last place finish of the religion of my youth. Still, I bear the Church no grudge; She provided a framework I value still.

Click over and see what comes up. I keep telling Mr. Blandings that I think we should both set up profiles on Match.com to see if a computer would set us up. So far, he's declined. (Speaking of chickens.) This could be a little bit like that. In any event, your boss could hardly get mad at your taking an online survey about religion.

Also, the biggest ads? CB2 and One King's Lane. Maybe there is some correlation between spiritual discovery and a quest for great glasses.