An Open Letter to J. Crew

J., darling, you know we go way back and I wouldn't ask you for a thing unless I really needed it. I appreciate your offering stylish pieces from other folks - it is absolutely so smart and generous. I do, truly, like the Timex currently on your pages.

It's just, well, I've had this one in my files for so long. Those squares and dashes, gosh, they can't be beat. That slightly luminous face? Can't get it out of my mind. I have searched shops both thrift and vintage and antique malls, too, to no avail. This gent is quite elusive. I'd be forever grateful if you could put us in touch. Even catalogue only. Looking forward to seeing you this fall.

Mrs. Blandings

Image, top, via J. Crew; image, next, Traditional Home, October 2005.