We have hammered out all the details; the house is sold. Sold-ish, I suppose, but we close on the 25th and then it will be a done deal. Yes, the 25th of October. It was the date that worked best for the buyer and, in case you hadn't heard, it is a buyer's market. But it was also like pulling the band-aid off fast. Better to get it over with.

A couple of readers have asked why we are moving and it was the convergence of a few different factors. The economy, certainly, decades of white flight and Mr. Blandings's homing instincts. Missouri's public schools are in a horrible state, and our children have attended private school. As we are selecting a high school for our oldest, it suddenly seemed significant that there is an outstanding public high school just across the state line in Kansas. Requiring us to move approximately five blocks. The school also happens to be Mr. Blandings's alma mater. The younger boys will stay where they are and, assuming it is a good fit, the oldest will walk the halls his father walked, which is often how things work around here.

We'd planned to put the house on the market a little later in the fall, but these lovely people sort of landed at our doorstep. We have been looking, though we do not have a house. We are, momentarily, homeless. ("Not really 'homeless,' says the oldest, 'yet.') Surprisingly, the middle boy, the one who feels everything first and fiercest, thinks it is so "exciting." I am following his lead.

As it turns out, it wasn't the house that was the dream, it was the family, and they are coming with me. Along with the curtains.

Spotty posts and pictures to follow.