Aide Memoire

One of my friends always sends an email entitled "aide memoire" when we have plans. It's such a lovely way of saying, "I know you're a ding dong and might forget."

No, she's not really saying that. She wouldn't. And I'm not either, but I am reminding you about Robyn Brooks's trunk show tomorrow.

I stopped by today while she was setting up and the products are so lovely. Terrific colors whether you want a wrist stacked bright or a sea of neutrals to compliment your oh-so-current camel.

Lots of product that you can take home right away either for yourself or someone on your gift list.

Lynne Gilbert will be there, as well, showing her new line of fine cotton PJs and cashmere sweaters.

If you can't make it to 6220 High Drive between 11 and 4 you can find Robyn's line here and Gilbert's line, Marigot, here.