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Living Room

I am a big believer in the jinx. Absolutely a knocker of wood, a thrower of salt and I'd be a over-the-shoulder spitter, too, if I thought I'd miss my jacket.

Dining Room

Let's just say that, in theory, this is where I could be living mid-December.


If it isn't hit by a meteor, lightening or an earthquake. Which could happen. Well, it could. I plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Family Room

I like the dark floors. I like the white walls. The light fixtures and fans? Not so much, which has the boys up in arms and they are lobbying heavily to keep their ceiling fans, "No one will see them but us!" Silly, young, naive things that they are, they think they have a chance. They do not.

Sun Porch (which will be my office)

I'm pushing furniture around in my head, of course, but sometimes I realize I've used the same chest twice or factored in tables that are mine only in fantasy.

Master Bedroom

Mr. Blandings has asked more than once, "Where will the Christmas tree go?" but that is too real, less dollhouse playing, so I just keep responding with, "Hmm...we'll see."

Master Bath

When we packed for the "in-between house" I told the boys to pack like they were going on a two-week vacation. Given these parameters Mr. Blandings stood, puzzled, looking at the stuff I was taking. "What's all this?" "A dark dress in case there's a funeral. A cocktail dress in case there's a party. Three pairs of cowboy boots. Essentials." He didn't bother to ask about the file boxes of tear sheets.

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