Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coast to Coast

Destination Mustique? If only. We've just wrapped up a six-day Thanksgiving break that felt a bit like Spring Break gone bad. Those jetting off to sunny climes were probably giddy with the extra time, while we pedestrians of the stay-at-home sort rued the pre-holiday holiday. Still, it left a lot of time for flipping though magazines and making wish lists.

You might have spied Irving & Fine's linen tunic in Town & Country, above, and I can attest they are fine, indeed. I had lunch with Miguel Flores-Vianna when I was in New York and at the end of our meal he said, "Would you like to go to a souk?" Gee. Sure. Not my usual post-nosh notion, but why not?

Lisa Fine was there with her wares and I marveled at the pleats just above the elbow, just below the embroidery. She and Miguel both wore these amazing bracelets - one large chunky gold bead on a cord. While their triplet could not be had, the jeweler was there and his pieces are remarkable. Heads-up Angelenos - both Irving and Fine and Jaisalmer Arts Jewelry will be at Hollywood at Home Friday and Saturday. Plus, Peter Dunham's shop, like Dunham, is exponentially charming and always worth a visit.
Speaking of Miguel Flores-Vianna, he is hosting a sale of some very personal pieces at One Kings Lane beginning December 7th. You can see more coverage from Courtney at Style Court here.

Hate to wait? Immediate gratification more your style? Jennifer Boles of The Peak of Chic is offering up some of her amazing collection of design books on One Kings Lane tomorrow. I'd give my eye teeth for that library. Will Dictator Style be in the offing? Hmmm...I'm not sure, but click in and see. She did a great review of the book here.

Also, I receive so many notices for events across the country and I'm never sure what warrants a post. I've added a page in my margin with a calendar for events nationwide. It's just the kind of thing I start and let fizzle, but I'm going to give it a go. Let me know what you think.

Image, top, Vanity Fair, December, 2010, styled by John Olsen, primary photography by Stuart Tyson/Studio D, truly amazing beaded and leopard coat, photographed by Miguel Flores-Vianna (hey! crazy coincidence) via Irving and Fine; flier via Peter Dunham at Hollywood at Home, bed image via Miguel Flores-Vianna, Dictator Style via Jennifer Boles's Biblio Style.


little augury said...

that is a gorgeous calendar you have there! and I love Courtney posts as always that on no exception. pgt

Karena said...

Patricia, Lisa's tunic shown is fabulous!! Some very special offerings here!

Come and Enter my giveaway from Fifi Flowers!

Art by Karena

quintessence said...

I loved those new dressing guide pages in T&C and I did indeed notice that Irving & Fine tunic. I'll be stopping by OKL tomorrow to check out Jennifer's amazing collection. Lots going on to be sure!

home before dark said...

I hope the divine Madame EEE is reading this. She NEEDS that coat for the lecture circuit.

pretty pink tulips said...

Love the new datebook. So fun to see who and what is going on in your world!

After 3 sets of house guests throughout Nov - the latest leaving just this morning. I am ready for a fire, some quiet and some regrouping!

I'd love to curl up with that book - I might just have to get it for the prrrrrrfectly beautiful cover!

Hope life is back to normal!
xo Elizabeth

peggy braswell said...

Love this post! xx peggybraswelldesign.com

beachbungalow8 said...

Thank you for the reminder that I need to get that T&C subscription.

Great idea to put up a side bar with goings ons. have a feeling you haven't even seen a hint of the landslide of event notifications that your going to receive, once you start this!

Homescape Furnishing said...

Wow the head and foot boards are stunning. I would love to see them in a different fabric though.

Anonymous said...

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