Connecticut Country House Look

I've deemed this the Connecticut Country House Look (even though none of these houses are in Connecticut.)

This look seeped under my skin watching Christmas in Connecticut, Holiday Inn, Bringing Up Baby and Philadelphia Story. Again and again.

Mostly white walls. A fair amount of floor showing. Some chintz. A lot of leg.

I've been known to show a lot of leg myself.

A mix of painted and brown wood with a little bit of sparkle. Not too much. Too much sparkle kills the WASP. Not that I am one, but I have quite a few buzzing around me.

That's sort of what I'm thinking.

Images from top, Ruby Ross Wood from Regency Redux, a French mill from House and Garden Complete Guide to Interior Decoration, 6th edition, 1960; Veranda, September 2010, design by Melanie Turner; photography by Erica George Dines; final two, House Beautiful, design by Marshall Watson; photography by Nathan Schroder.