Enduring Styles - IMHO

One of the things that Emily Eerdsman and I discussed when she was here was current design books. I'm incredibly fond of Thomas Jayne's The Finest Rooms in America and I brought along a copy to our lunch.

Many of the rooms that people included in the Enduring Style series are in the book; many, many of the much beloved rooms of the last couple hundred years are in the book.

I like having them all together, like having all your best friends able to celebrate your birthday.

I had thought I would not dip my toe in the Enduring Styles series, but I am adding Todd Romano's apartment featured both in Elle Decor and New York Social Diary.

This apartment is not in Jayne's book (Which I hate to point out, "Oh, we missed you at the Winthrops. Hmm..? What's that? Not invited, oh dear." No, I don't mean to do that.) but it pops into my head so often. It was the one spot that I missed after a very satisfying read. (Goodness, this is coming out all wrong; more on Jayne's book later. "Gertrude Winthrop how could you have not invited the Bullstrodes." Absolutely not what I mean to imply.)

Romano's home is just so darned elegant and comfortable at the same time. The Albers, the Queensware, the white walls and leopard. It makes me want to know him. That's the point, right?

All images Elle Decor, January/February 2007; photography by Pieter Estersohn.