Italian Love Story

Maybe it's the approaching holiday, when everything glittery, sparkly and jingley seems oh-so-smart, but these Chiavari chairs fairly leapt from the pages of Elle Decor and World of Interiors this month. (Next month. What to call it when December comes mid-November?)

Long past are the days I held infants aloft (they spit up, you know, nearly always when you are holding them just over your face) but these chairs are irresistible. So sleek and sexy they make me want to perch just on the edge, looking mysterious with kohl-lined lids, vodka-soda adding nary a notch to my nipped waist, swinging a foot shod in a very high heel with a questionable ankle strap. Black.

Just baroque enough to muck up your mod, just mod enough to perk up your provenance. They are a fantasy for me, but could be reality for you. Still at Joanna's. 750 for the pair. (You can give her a ring at 816-753-7606. Nothing in it for me; I just think all great chairs need a good home.) Glamourous and bargain aren't usually drinking buddies, but sometimes the holidays provide a magical mix.

Image, top, Elle Decor, December 2010/January 2011 (a stunningly good issue), photography by William Waldron. Next, World of Interiors, December 2010, photography by Eric Boman.