Christmas Card

We close on the house on Wednesday, take care of some unfortunate mold, and move on Saturday. (Assuming all goes as planned. Knock wood. Throw salt. Spit.)

I've had a few friends say, "You're not putting up a tree, are you?" "Surely you are not decorating for Christmas?" Heavens. Of course. We have a seven-year-old for the love of Pete (and a 10-year-old and a 14-year-old.) Some things are non-negotiable. Christmas is non-negotiable. (There is also talk of a puppy and I'd like to say I am the voice of sanity, but I rarely am and, in this case, I absolutely am not.)

But as much as I love making our holiday cards, as much as I dig a paper craft, it may be the one thing that I skip. The current plan has two card sizes, a printed sticker and a couple of stick-on jewels to accompany the picture. "It looks like a truck, right?" To which they responded, "Um. Sure. Sort of. Maybe you could paint on a grill. And wheels. Could you make the wheels turn?" Darling, I can make holiday magic the likes of which you have never imagined. But maybe not this year.

Images from Harpers Bazaar, December, 2010. Photography by Lacey and this really amazing paper art by Su Blackwell. I thought these shots would be included in a larger story in the magazine, but they are not. Just like a little something in your stocking that you might overlook if you didn't reach all the way into the toe. You can see more of her work here. Other, completely unrelated paper art at Mondoblogo.